lunes, abril 23, 2007

Well... here again... second post in almost 4 months he he. Not a very amusing blog is it? anyway, this is a small list of thing to come.... if someone manages to see them, thanks!!!

1- Talks about my hobbies: Magic The Gathering games, loses and wins; video games (I got a new PS3 so there will be lots to say!!!) and TV series I'm currently watching (Heroes someone!??)

2- I'll post small fragments or maybe some complete works of my fantasy world Gaia. I've created an exiting AD&D campaign and also written some small tales and the main novel which I expect to end someday. It'll be in Spanish my beloved mother language, but someday, maybe, if it becomes famous.... Gaia sounds like a very common name in mythology and popular culture, however, my Gaia is a place like no other you have know before. Love Fantasy? Enjoy Sci-Fi? Well my readings will take you through an adventure far beyond time and space, towards the confines of the human soul, and our destiny as a powerful force able to change the fate of the universe itself.